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prettygoodyear: (random - lake view)

Well I know it's just a spring haze

...waiting for sunday to drown...

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Created on 2012-11-03 21:05:56 (#1802194), last updated 2017-01-26 (21 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Mar 13
Website:Photographic Dreams

I'm someone who loves to bring visits to bookstores. Especially the older bookstores, where you can curl up on a couch and sip from your coffee while reading a book. Libraries are good places too. All those books, the quietness, just everything. Books are awesome.
I'm a dreamer. Perfectly happy in my own little world. It keeps me sane and happy. I'm very independent. Don't tell me what to do...just...don't. I enjoy my freedom, love to travel (though home will always be home) and just love to be 'me'. I'm still not sure who I am, but I'm learning though. I'm also a Macfan at heart. Have been since we got our first Macintosh Classic somewhere in 1992. Never want anything else!


It's all about reading books, listening to music, writing stories and poems and entering a dream world for me. I also love to go outside on nice, warm days when the sun is out. I love to photograph. I love walking through forests, and I really enjoy grabbing my bike and ride to the big lake near my house. No one around there, just me, the sun, the water and the wind. When I'm there, I'm the most happy person on the planet. For the longest time Tori Amos was the one and only artist who touched me in every possible way. Couldn't imagine a life without her music. But things change. These days I enjoy all sorts of music. I sill enjoy me some Tori, just not in an obsessive way anymore.


I love to watch TV shows and movies. Some TV shows I love are: Judging Amy, Buffy, The X-Files and The Walking Dead. Some of my favorite movies are: Contact, The Green Mile, Cast Away, A Beautiful Mind, LOTR Trilogy etc...etc...


Ireland is a country I love. I have lived there for 3 months, and the best place there has to be Killarney. That's like my second home. The national park there is so gorgeous. The mountains there have to be alive, cause really...they give me goosebumps every single time. New York is a city that stole my heart. I'm no city person at all, prefer nature over cities. However... there is something about New York that I love and I should go back there real soon again... One day I will set foot on Australian ground. Cause ever since I was 9 I've wanted to visit that country. One day, maybe one day...
My biggest loves are my 2 nieces.
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